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Building a business plan through of bSherpas

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Good Morning friends,

Do you know the tools  in bSherpas for entrepreneurs ?

The platform bSherpas is focused mainly  for emerging entrepreneurs .

The new tool  “tutors” help  entrepreneurs turn their idea into a plan, get a team of professional volunteers who help  develop your business plan from its experience.

bSherpas ( Business Sherpas ) from Intercom Group leader in building Internet businesses in Spain and a major player in Europe, with over 40 businesses developed, has created the largest online platform to engage and collaborate on business projects.

If you are an entrepreneur how can  get a tutor ?

Once you have uploaded your project, you will find a tools section in a tab of it.There, when you activate the tool Business Plan, will offer the opportunity to invite by email to people you want to be your tutors and / or activate an alert to the tutors who are looking for a project.

Important to create good business plan before going to an investor

Best regards,

Mireya Garcia

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16 September 2009 at 9:19

Motivation essential for successful entrepreneurs

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning …

Lately in the newspaper, on TV is speaking the crisis, crisis … is well know that what goes on in our around but not stay stop , to have  afraid .

We must be open new challenges,to meet new proposals and move with positivism and optimism to get our idea.

We must begin to rethink proposals to review and act we can not  still paralyzed in face problems. You will begin to feel motivated again  to start doing things.

Entrepreneurs are the engine of development of new ideas, projects, start  up and business. They are the economic and social development of peoples.

Motivation to strive overcome the difficulties.

Best regards,


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7 August 2009 at 15:13

Global entrepreneurship Week 2009

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Good Morning Friends,

With my first coffe in the morning,  I inform you about the event Global Entrepreneurship Week, taking place throughout the world between 16 and 22 November 2009. global

Global Initiatitive to inspire young people to make maximum use of their creativity,innovation and imagination.

Participating students,teachers,businessmen,social leaders,business leaders to promote entrepreneurship throughout in the world.

Best regards,

Mireya Garcia

Inspire them to think big and transform their ideas into reality.

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29 July 2009 at 12:02

Reasons to invest in projects of the Internet

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Good Morning friends,

One of the most wanted by the entrepreneurs is the capital to develop its business.

I was reading an article in by  Ruben Martinez Sanchez on the ten reasons for investing in the Internet at this moment. I  find it very interesting for my blog.

Inverstors read and enjoy with this article

Any reason you can dream up for investing in the Internet,comment here ?

Best regards,

Mireya Garcia

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27 July 2009 at 8:35

Anatomy of entrepreneurs: Family Background and Motivation

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para blog de mireya

Good morning friends,

I present you to Sergio Parrales ,   he come from Mexico and he is entrepreneur. He wanted to collaborate in the blog and this is his result.

Antomy of entrepreneurs: Family Background and Motivation

A study just released in July, by the Kauffman Foundation of Entrepreneurship has shed some light into the life and motivation of Entrepreneurs, their family and school backgrounds as well as their early interests to start a company, in order to better understad their motivation for starting a business.

Regarding their school backgrounds, the study that most entrepreneurs has bachelor’s degrees (95,1%) which is very different from the general idea of college drop- outs we have about entrepreneurs ( Steve Jobs, Bill Gates ..etc), even more surprising was the fact that 47% of the surveyed entrepreneurs had more advanced degrees. The study also found out that most entrepreneurs (75%) were among the top 30% of their high schools , the study also found that most of these entrepreneurs did far better in High School that they did in College , with 67% being on the top 30% of their undergraduate class. This shows that from a young age entrepreneurs show a high interest in school and they stived to succeed in life at a young age.

This study also studied tha family background of entrepreneurs. They found that 2/3 of the surveyed entrepreneurs came from middle class families , which shows that a very small amount of entrepreneurs where from rich prominenet families. This study also showed that only half of the parents of entrepreneurs finished a bachelor’s degree.

Finally  regarding their motivation for becoming entrepreneurs , most of them indicated they started their own business in order build wealth (74.8) also the majority of the respondents had worked as employees for other companies before starting their businesses 60.3 percent of the surveyed confessed that working fo others was not very appealing form them, and was one of the main reasons why they pursued having their own business.

This is an extremely important study which shows that most of our previous perceptions about entrepreneurs we wrong! Entrepreneurs are dedicated, hard working , family oriendted individuals who usually have an idea and are not afraid to break our from the norm, take risks and fail in multiple occasions to get what they want!

Sergio Parrales

” Thanks Sergio for collaborate in my blog like entrepreneur “, Mireya

Contest of bSherpas -Entrepreneur of the month

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning,

bSherpas is a company formed by a group of people, highly committed to  developing or emerging areas.

It is an online platform where entrepreneurs have a presence. The entrepreneur explained that the need for developing their project, the person interested in helping an entrepreneur can form part of your team interacting through different tools.

Actually bSherpas organize the contest the entrepreur of the month. The contest is based  to find that is the best business idea in India, according to users.

For more information on participation requirements and prizes.

You can be the entrepreneur of the month!

Best regards,


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13 May 2009 at 10:47

Marketing actions and strategies for your website

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Good Morning friends…

With my first coffe in the morning …

All entrepreneurs and business owners have the desire sell their  products or they  want their  target audiences are aware that we exist.

It is a daily struggle that our customers or users do not lose motivation in our products , our company.

Strategies Push/Pull for your website ( this part is based on )

Pull strategy actions:

  • Give your audience the option of subscribing to your content via feeds, mailing lists.
  • Develop relationships with the media. Networking where you publish some good news for  journalists and the same goes for bloggers
  • Create a blog and write news
  • Interviews with leaders and experts on topics related to your website
  • Create an online community

Push marketing strategy

  • Paid advertising
  • Establish and maintain a mailing list ( spam)
  • Buying and selling links can take advantage of the forums and communities to get the link for free

Each point reflects your goal you’re looking for at this time for your business.    Can you add some other point ?

Best regards,