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Motivation essential for successful entrepreneurs

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning …

Lately in the newspaper, on TV is speaking the crisis, crisis … is well know that what goes on in our around but not stay stop , to have  afraid .

We must be open new challenges,to meet new proposals and move with positivism and optimism to get our idea.

We must begin to rethink proposals to review and act we can not  still paralyzed in face problems. You will begin to feel motivated again  to start doing things.

Entrepreneurs are the engine of development of new ideas, projects, start  up and business. They are the economic and social development of peoples.

Motivation to strive overcome the difficulties.

Best regards,


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7 August 2009 at 15:13

Online marketing strategies

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning..

The  marketing strategy to be implemented should be seen as central to the customer approach, since this field of study and concern on the part of the whole organization.

Internet is a marketing medium that requires follow specific rules and regulations for doing business effectively.

Using online marketing strategies can challenge the traditional marketing and even to the methods used in radio and television. In this strategy toward consumers are going to information and not seeking the means to target customers, and consumers users who initiates the communication.

Online marketing strategies we can emphasize that the marketing executives of the companies are supporting the idea of using the Internet to reach consumers  and more attractive and innovative.

This new challenge promotes and requires the areas of traditional marketing to engage in solving the universal problem: traditional advertsiting, therefore organizations  must now consider new ways to make their marketing strategies.

The role that is taking the Internet these days is so strong that any large company that wants to continue marking the leadership and avoid obsolescence must adjust their marketing strategies to online or online.

Interesting books  about it: Daniel S.Janal (Internet Marketing), Sandra Guadalupe Martinez de la Pena (2003) (Impact of Information Technology)

Online marketing initiatives to make its sales grow

Best regards,

Mireya Garcia

Africa mysterious …. Invest in Africa?

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Good Morning friends,

How are you? With my first coffee in the morning …

Have your ever thought of  investing in China? They do not know what they are lost . Some say that the black continent is the future of China …

Somalia, Ethiopia, Rwanda famines, civil wars, humanitarian disasters, coups d’etat …for decades, there were the images of Africa for export… We can not surprising that Western investors have avoided putting their capital in risky destination.

But something seems to be changing, we must contrast the myths with reality to know what is truth in all this .

There is a conference  was organized by the Wharton School of  Business entitled Wharton – Unveiling the Value Demystifying the Risk , it was  very interesting confrontation treated the myths of the African reality to see what’s true in all these mental images that the West was formed on lands of  Kofi Annan, Nelson Mandela .

For decades the African continent has been far from the international area, but new winds blowing to the African continent …smell business opportunities are no longer alone in the holdings of natural resources, is now also the technology.

If you’are looking for business opportunities might not be a bad idea to think  in Africa continent.

Best regards,


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12 December 2008 at 10:16

The self employment is an outlet for many women

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Good Morning friends,

With my first coffee in the morning I was thinking …

Self employment is a real departure for many women, have an idea, develop it, will be a big help for you.

There are possibilities like microcredits and supports for viables and concrets proyects. The formulas for self-employment and business start-up are revealed as an effective alternative and a career of the future for women.

It is a formule for full integration into the labor market . Also, the choisi of life, beacuse being enterprising and entrepreneurial supposed to be the protagonist of our own future and life proyect.

We need to encourage countries in the entrepreneurial culture and the integration of women into employment.

” Self  as a good alternative for professional women

Best regards,


Who helps you undertake?

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Good Morning friends,

How are you? Grants,advice,training…..

For those of you are thinking of undertaking and not know where to start first thing you should look for is advice to help you do your business plan and see the failures of your proyect.

Prepare a detailed business plan or the overall purpose of the company.It is a commercial representation of the model to follow.

On the Internet you can find definitions and examples of business plans which help you to have a major notion that you must take into account and you need to be able to develop this.

Then you will have to seek funding to find more suitable can be through partners,investors,microcredit etc..

It is not an issue that your idea is good or bad,but workable, if you have a letter of introduction or a certificate from an institucion it will help the entrepreneur, is important because it will bring more security to the proyect, feasibility and experience that saves mistakes.

“I’m going to do as an entrepreneur a good business plan the most detailed and accurate as possible to get easily support training,advisory, financing etc. ..”

Best regards,


Global Entrepreneur Week

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Good Morning friends,

How are you? With my first coffee of the morning I was waching the video from GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP WEEK.

Global entrepreneurship Week will be held from November 17-23 November 2008, where millions of young people can connect their ideas and introducing these ideas to reality and pronouncing the birth of something new.

Create a personal profile and start connecting with others around the world who share innovation,imagination and creativity. You could meet someone who inspires your next great idea..or a collaborator..or a potential investor who finances your startup.

Can your school,organization or company hold at least one activity during the Week to help inspire,connect or engage aspiring entrepreneurs?Then sign up to be an official Partner of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Remember,your activity needs to be registered with us for it to be an official Global Entrepreneurship Week event!

Join the Speednetwork in Globe and many more activities. Transform any idea into reality is something that you can make any culture of the world.

“Have confidence that you can make your dreams, you are young you can change the earth”

Do not miss it !

Best regards,


Peru,young university drivers business projects

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Good Morning friends,

How are you? With my first coffee of the morning I write an article for all those academics who have not finished  college and already has a good business idea.

There are programs at universities that can help a company know how to make and promote development such as in Peru thanks for example to the program LIDERACCIÓN to enhance capacity building in leadership and entrepreneurship to young people in the past cycles of different academic careers.

Ingenious young from different regions of the country presented creative proyects in order to generate positive impacts on society.

The program  started with a call made in April  in which postulated 1500 students from 44 peruvian universities, but only 200 of them were selected for a program of 80 hours teaching to develop business plans in such areas as: leadership,entrepreneurship,business,economics and democratic values There will be a final award which will choose the best proyect of the program and each team member will receive 1000$ cash.

Thanks to the program Lideraccion,young Peruvians already know how to make possible his proyect and promote development to his country.

“Develop a creative idea before leaving the university, dare you?”
Best regards,